It's true we have a long way to go...but we've come a long way. We'll fight more battles, but so many battles have already been won.
When the enemy is attacking from every angle on the battlefield, unity is vital.
President Trump is expected to take the stage at 8:00 PM EST.
The last few years have been so difficult for so many. If you love God, America, freedom, and conservative values, you’ve undoubtedly faced numerous…
Clown world. 🤡
Update: I got the results back from my MRI this week. I have some herniation in my discs they could see, but they also want to do a CT scan in a few…
Suffering, although never pleasant, has the unique opportunity to place us in the perfect place in the valley to do mighty things for God that may not…
Do they though? Most Americans I've talked to don't believe this at all. It's just all the people CNN has allowed an uncensored voice believe this.
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